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Helping you to get better results faster 
by developing strategy & people

What we do

As a specialist consultancy, we pride ourselves on building what we do around your business needs.  However, most of our projects fall into one of these areas:

Marketing & brand strategy

Helping you understand the changing landscape, co-creating strategies to serve markets and customers better – and make money from doing so

Brand planning

Providing the structure and facilitation your team needs to create and land great brand & portfolio plans which typically cover a 1-3 year horizon.

Strategy into action

Strategies that don’t get implemented are worthless. We help you devise effective change programmes and action plans.

People & capability

We develop and deliver bespoke programmes for individuals and teams.  These might include elements of coaching, mentoring, live action learning or structured training sessions.

Special projects & advisory

We advise business leaders & brand owners on marketing strategy, we also work as an extension of the client team on special projects that require independence and sensitivity.

Not sure what you need?

Let’s have an exploratory chat.

Simply kicking around an issue can often be very helpful, and we’ll get a sense of whether there’s a good fit between us.

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About you

Very few brands succeed by chance.  A compelling ambition, robust strategy and capable team are more crucial than ever to win in today’s intensively competitive environment – especially given the number and scale of changes affecting the marketing landscape. Amidst these dynamics, we want you to be successful.

Do you…

  • Need facilitation or a framework for more robust business or brand planning?
  • Have a business with lots of opportunities, but struggle to prioritise?
  • Have capability gaps in the team holding people & performance back?
  • Want an external perspective & some supportive challenge?
  • Feel you’d benefit from some strategic ‘headspace’ away from operations?
  • Want to engage the rest of the organisation to get more impact in-market?

You are not alone. These are the sort of challenges our clients face and we love to help with.

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About me

My goal is simple.  To help you to prepare your business for the future, serve your markets and customers better – and make more money from doing so.

My consulting practice is independent, accessible and straight-forward. We’ll help you turn complex questions into clear actionable plans – and develop your team’s capability to deliver them.

I’ve worked client-side for over 20 years and understand the value of being listened to, rather than ‘sold at’. Great consultancy is about being both effective and good to work with.

Why choose Brand Ambition?

Brand Ambition gives you the rigour and thinking of a strategic partner

You work with me (and around 30 years of experience in Consumer and B2B markets) and occasionally my senior associates – not juniors

My approach is collaborative and agile. You and your team are involved throughout the process for the best possible outcome

I operate in your best long-term interest. Always. Unlike some agencies, I’m not trying to sell you anything else off the back of strategic input

I recognise business is first and foremost about people. Working with Brand Ambition, you’ll achieve resultsenjoyably

We can work virtually or in person (I’m based in the UK, but have run face-to-face programmes in Europe, Asia and the Americas)

What our clients say

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