Brand Ambition is a specialist consultancy, headed by Matt Day an experienced marketer with 20 years of client-side marketing & strategy experience and a further 10 in consulting. According to the demands of each project, Matt is also able to call upon the support of a network of trusted director-level associates with complementary expertise.

Matt’s client-side experience was gained in marketing and business strategy roles across a variety of sectors.  He’s worked with household names and challenger brands in sectors as diverse as FMCG food and beverage, healthcare, professional services and industrial markets.

His employed experience includes brand marketing roles at Mars Confectionery, Nestle, RHM (now Premier Foods) and ICI Paints AkzoNobel where he was retail marketing director for the £300m Dulux brand, later progressing to European and global strategy & planning roles.

Since founding Brand Ambition, Matt has worked with marketing leaders and general managers of several large and mid-sized businesses. He has consulted on marketing strategy and planning, capability development, marketing transformation and team development programmes.

As a consultant, he’s worked with clients in consumer and business markets, in sectors as varied as food and beverage (branded & private label), casual dining, haircare, clothing, home improvement and industrial products.

Matt has a Masters in Marketing from Kingston Business School London, as part of continuing professional development he takes an interest in areas like consumer futures and digital marketing.  He loves working in a discipline characterised by change and stays current through research, events and regularly writes articles.

What you’ll get from me


First-hand senior experience & judgement based on 20yrs client-side experience – you get intellect and experience dedicated to your challenges (we don’t delegate to junior bag-carriers once we’ve secured work from you).

Leading-edge thinking

Contemporary marketing understanding & consumer insight – the solutions we create will exploit the latest thinking, being relevant today and tomorrow (we don’t regurgitate marketing practice from a decade ago where things have moved on).

Strategic rigour

Proven & structured approaches, but tailored to the context – outcomes are more relevant & effective because we put you and your challenge at the centre of our work (we don’t rely on subjectivity, or conversely do strategy by “sausage machine”).

Fresh approach

Collaborative, agile and stimulating ways of working – you and your team are engaged throughout a facilitated process and you ‘own’ the outcomes, which leads to greater relevance & impact (we don’t work in an unfathomable & controllable black box, or allow strategy to be dreadful & dull).



Straightforward, good-humoured & “grown up” working relationships – we always aim to have helpful conversations and operate in your best long-term interest (we aren’t superficial and won’t use ‘strategy’ as a cover for selling other services).


“I love the satisfaction of helping clients make progress – whether that’s getting to a better outcome, or simply getting there quicker.

What makes me tick?  Developing strategy that will really be driven into action, helping marketing people & teams to grow … ultimately, it’s about seeing my clients be successful.

I’ve worked client-side for over 20 years and understand the value of being listened to, rather than ‘sold at’. Great consultancy is about being both effective and good to work with.”

Matt Day

What our clients say